17. Olympic Studio Lofts Ratings & Reviews

Overall Apartment Rating

This property was recommended by 97.1% of reviews.

Parking 3.6
Noise 3.6
Grounds 4.7
Construction 4.4
Maintenance 4.8
Staff 4.9
Overall 4.7
Rated on a scale of 1-5. 1 being very poor and 5 being excellent.
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I lived here for 2 years and I had a wonderful experience, the staff and maintenance was on point and whenever I had a problem they always helped. Especially Esther always goes the extra mile to provide information and assist me with any issues or questions. I will miss Olympic Studios.

It's a great affordable studio. Although the walls may be thin, and the space is small, it's a great place at an affordable rate. The staff makes this place amazing as they are also so helpful and the maintenance teams are so quick to respond with any type of issues.

I enjoy living here very much. The apartments are clean and well-structured, the layout works well for me, and I REALLY appreciate the staff. Ram, Esther, the whole team is very nice and have given me incredibly good service throughout my time living here.

I love living here It's my first apartment and I love the way it's made and how roomy it is. Perfect for a single person wanting to live in the west side .

Love it Super Safe....very clean the people in my community very nice and the management team AWESOME . I'm a full time student and its super close to my school.... Can't say enough about how much I enjoy living here. I've lived here a year and plan on never moving Love it

Wonderful rent, residence and staff Only flaw is bathroom ventilation

I've been living at Olympic lofts for 3 years now and I love it. Esther has always been very helpful and accommodating. Ram the manager and Esther make a great team. Service call are usually attended in a timely matter. Highly recommend Olympic lofts.

Living in the Santa Monica NMS Lofts of Olympic has been nothing short of a great experience. I have signed a lease for a second year of living here and hopefully will do it again for a third. The grounds are fantastic, and spacious for an Los Angeles area apartment. I have never had problems with noisy neighbors and me amenities have never needed more than routine maintenance. The staff are all very friendly, especially Esther, who is very knowledgable about the Santa Monica area and always has a solution to anything I ask her for. She made my transition into this apartment easy and has always helped me with any questions i've had over the past year It is conveniently located next to the 10 and right in between 2 train stations on the blue line. I feel very fortunate to have found myself living here.

Location, staff, and relative newness in that order are huge perks. Affordability is based on Gross Income, so for unmarried, full time workers with no children, you can easily be paying 75 of your take home to rent, parking, and utils. Creating a budget that includes long and short term savings has been next to impossible. It's more of an American Fantasy than the American Dream. That may still be an affordable ideal to young couples in their 20's, but as a woman in her late 30's, it's getting depressing hence, the online reveal. -

Rent is affordable and location is great. You cant find a better value in Santa Monica

Lovely staff, apartments, and service pretty much covers it. No unnecessary charges, maintenance is quick to respond.... a fantastic living experience. We were more than happy to renew our lease for another year.

17. Olympic Studio Lofts reply
Thank you for your review! We appreciate your tenancy and are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with your living experience.

What I enjoy most about residing at Olympic Studio Lofts is quite simple, the location offers a superb community in which a person could walk for hours just to find an overwhelmingly abunduce of great shops, restaurants, parks and other outdoor activities to enjoy any day of the week. It also offers the convenience of the metro line train soon to be operational in a matter of weeks and the freeway is really close. Secondly, the staff over at Olympic Studios Lofts are amazing they are super duper fair and friendly, courteous, and professional especially Ms. Esther Vizcaino Leassing Specialist. Since moving here I have had no issues with other tenants nor have I had to complain about noise polution this places Rocks

It is great and the Maintenance Supervisor Marvin is the best when it comes to helping residents and is very knowledgeable with maintenance and other concerns. He always brightens my day with a smile and a great hello. I would give Marvin and his crew 6 houses if you had that option. Simply the best!! Also Ram and Esther are wonderful Managers they are very helpful and great to be around.

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17. Olympic Studio Lofts




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